Thesis Offers

Thesis supervision

The role and responsibilities of thesis supervisors have changed greatly over the past decade. For this reason, the SML Doctoral School provides thesis supervisors with a helpful guide covering all doctoral thesis steps and stages, from submitting one’s thesis subject to defending one’s thesis, as well as covering all involved parties and partners. 

Thesis subjects are proposed by the Thesis Supervisors starting at the beginning of the calendar year and published on the “Theses in Bretagne Loire” platform.
As thesis subjects can be published throughout the year, we invite you to consult this dedicated platform on a regular basis (be sure to refresh your web browser upon each visit), so as to discover recently published thesis subjects. 

Subjects and recruitments

The procedure established by the Marine & Coastal Sciences Doctoral School takes into account the deadlines and requirements imposed by funders. 
Starting at the beginning of the calendar year, project sponsors are invited to submit their proposed thesis subjects via UBL’s dedicated platform:
Once validated by the SML Doctoral School, upon the recommendation of the director of the host research unit, the subject is published and made accessible to online applications. 
Any acquired thesis funding (in part or in full) can be displayed. Subjects for which no funding is displayed are nevertheless not dismissed: certain funds could later be allocated during the Doctoral School Council meeting held in late June/early July. 


Applicants must submit their application dossier via the platform “Theses in Bretagne Loire”, specifically the page dedicated to the Marine & Coastal Sciences Doctoral School (online applications section). 
Important: Application dossiers must be submitted online by a set deadline; for the current year, no later than 29 May 2018 at 8 PM, at which time the platform is automatically closed. 
No dossiers will be accepted after this deadline. Dossiers submitted by post, by e-mail, dropped off at the doctoral school office, transmitted directly to the Thesis Supervisor, etc. will not be considered. Online applications are therefore obligatory. 
This application deadline can be extended for certain dossiers by a few days upon request by the Thesis Supervisor. 
Thesis Supervisors are then invited to rank the submitted dossiers and propose a list of applicants to be interviewed. 

Composition of the application dossier

Your application dossier must take the form of a single PDF document (identified as follows: lastname_firstname.pdf). The dossier’s required elements are specified on the website: “Theses in Bretagne Loire”. 
(CV, letter of motivation presenting your professional project, your university transcripts, and all other relevant documents)

Applicant interviews

The Doctoral School Council, keen to pursue a selection process taking into account the school’s multidisciplinarity, has set up selection committees for each sector of study: sciences of the universe, life sciences, engineering sciences, and the humanities and social sciences.
These selection committees all follow the same procedure and guarantee equal treatment of all applicants selected for an interview. The committees comprise the directors of the concerned laboratories or their representatives, as well as the relevant field’s representatives to the Doctoral School Council. 
The SML directorate attends all interviews; its presence provides a global view and comprehension of the various disciplines, as well as ensuring the equal treatment of all applicants. Thesis Supervisors (and/or co-supervisors) attend the interview concerning their subject and are therefore fully involved in the selection of their future doctoral student.
Applicants selected for an interview are summoned by e-mail. 
Applicants for doctoral school thesis funding are generally interviewed during the second half of June. 
During the interview, the applicant has a set amount of time to present him/herself (as the applicant sees fit) and is then interviewed by the selection committee. Video-conference interviews can be held for geographically distant applicants. All applicants are treated equally, whether present in-person or interviewed via video-conferencing. 
Following the Doctoral School Council’s meeting in early July, its decisions are communicated to applicants by e-mail. 
Selected applicants must promptly confirm their acceptance and commitment. 
The specific application calendar is updated yearly on the website “Theses in Bretagne Loire”.