The Doctoral School Council 

The SML Doctoral School Council comprises 16 representatives of research institutions, units or teams, the current Director and 6 Assistant Directors and 7 research unit representatives (in proportion to the number of PhD students per research field), as well as 2 BIATSS (administrative personnel).

The Doctoral School Bureau

The Doctoral School Bureau comprises the Director and Assistant Directors. The bureau members gather together as often as necessary to prepare and implement the doctoral school’s action programme and to organize the Doctoral School Council meetings.

PhD student representatives

PhD student representatives can take part in the decision-making process at their doctoral school, defend the interests of their fellow students, and serve as a bridge between the directorate and the PhD student body. 

Internal rules and procedures

The doctoral school is provided with its own internal rules and procedures specifying: 

  • The doctoral school’s organization and governance.
  • First-year registration procedures, for PhD students without direct funding, funded by a doctoral contract, or under joint supervision.
  • Re-registration procedures for each academic year.
  • The ratio of supervisors to doctoral students.
  • Means and methods for the PhD students’ disciplinary, trans-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary training.
  • Exemptions/exceptions concerning PhD students’ obligatory training hours and credits.
  • Thesis defence procedures.
  • Post-thesis monitoring.
  • Mediation procedures.